Episode 84: Finding a Perfect Physician Owned Practice Match - with Dr Lara Hochman

August 02, 2022 Dr Latifat Akintade Episode 84
Episode 84: Finding a Perfect Physician Owned Practice Match - with Dr Lara Hochman
Show Notes

 Physician burnout is so multifaceted and one step at a time, we can fix this broken system.

What you need might not  another job but someone who understands you. Someone who has been through the same things you are getting to and maintaining your physician career. 

As Women physicians, we have a lot of decisions to make when thinking of where we want to practice medicine. These range from geographical location to type of practice. 

In this episode, Dr. Lara shared what private owned practices looks like,  the advantages  and tips to find a perfect physician owned practice match  so you can make your next job your best one!  

Lara Hochman, MD is a Family Medicine physician, and advocate for fellow doctors' wellbeing amidst rising burnout and dissatisfaction. 

Her own experiences led her to discover the ways physicians lost autonomy, and how to reclaim their focus on helping patients. 

She founded Happy Day Health, a boutique physician matchmaking agency to match doctors with well run, physician-owned private practices where they can avoid burnout and enjoy practicing medicine again.

You can reach her on any of these platforms below:




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